Vaccines and Reagents

Larad is developing platform virus-like-particle (VLP) technology to address vaccines and diagnostics for animal diseases. Through its innovative VLP technology Larad can provide vaccines and diagnostic reagents that easily keep pace with the ever-changing kaleidoscope of viruses that cause animal diseases and threaten the global food supply. Larad is a business-to-business company that provides raw materials for the production of platform vaccines and diagnostics to larger companies.

Larad’s VLP products meet the need for vaccines that keep pace with changing viruses. This customizability is a game-changing approach that has not been possible in the animal vaccine industry until now. Additionally, Larad VLP vaccines are produced using an expression system that yields higher quantities of product that does not need extensive downstream processing. These benefits reduce the cost of production and the time needed to process the materials into a final product.

Vaccine and diagnostic reagents under development include the following:

• Infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) VLP vaccine
• Avian Reovirus vaccine
• Chicken Anemia Virus vaccine
• Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus (IPNV) vaccine


~ Custom vaccines keeping pace with mutating viruses ~