Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing Service

Larad offers a molecular diagnostic testing service. The molecular diagnostics division of Larad uses cutting edge technology to identify genetic mutations in viruses. Selection pressures on viruses cause these pathogens to evolve as they replicate and cause disease in animal populations. Identifying these mutations as they arise is a key part of the Larad mission. Our diagnostics division must first identify the newly evolved viral strains to make sure we are producing the correct VLP vaccines. We offer polymerase chain reaction (PCR), reverse transcriptase (RT)PCR and nucleotide sequence analysis for viral pathogens.

While Larad is capable of testing for most animal viruses, we focus on those viral diseases that are being controlled with our VLP products.

Our focus areas include the following:

• Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (Poultry)
• Avian Reovirus (Poultry)
• Chicken Anemia Virus (Poultry)
• Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus (Fish)

As our portfolio of VLP vaccines expands, so will our diagnostic testing service.


Molecular Testing for IBDV, ARV, CAV and IPNV

Schedule of Fees Effective January 1, 2018
Set up Fee $20/batch
Real time RT-PCR or PCR Testing (positive or negative result*)
Fresh/frozen tissue (US only) $40/sample
FTA card $35/sample
Parafin embedded tissue $100/sample
* Positive samples can be sequenced for an additional fee.
Nucleotide Sequencing
Positive RT-PCR or PCR sample $60/sample
Nucleotide Sequence Analysis
Amino acid alignment with known virus strains $25/batch
Phylogenetic tree analysis with known virus strains $20/batch