For Producers and Veterinarians

Experiencing persistent disease challenges in your flock or herd? Larad is committed to providing you with the highest quality diagnostic services to correctly identify the strain or subtype of virus on the farm. Once the strain of virus is identified, we can work with you to formulate a custom vaccine to meet your needs.

With our Platform Vaccine technology, we are dedicated to creating custom vaccines for your flock or herd using only viral genetic material. Platform Vaccines are USDA-CVB approved for any geographic location in the US and there is no limit on the length of time they can be used. They are not Autogenous vaccines, which are given more stringent regulations by the CVB. In many cases, we will have already identified this virus strain on another farm and can pull the custom Platform Vaccine needed from our inventory. 

Contact us to learn more about how Larad can help you manage the health of your flock or herd. 

Platform Vaccine Technology